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College of Science encourages an integrated interdisciplinary approach across all departments, both within the College and across SUSTech as a whole, particularly enhanced communications among disciplines within the College, and collaborations between science and engineering.

As Prof. Yang Xueming, dean of College of Science believes, SUSTech has balanced the development of all disciplines, and there would be sufficient room for interdisciplinary development beyond classroom and laboratory, which would generate more than study within an individual discipline.

"Learning a subject is like learning a language. When you think about it, interdisciplinary studies develops a wider path and enhances the opportunities for achieving the best results, as opposed to studying just one subject." Thereby, College of Science is going to build a multi-disciplinary teaching system. As for general education, it will create opportunities for students to take courses across disciplines and grades, and fully explore their interests. It is the College’s mission is to cultivate talents with interdisciplinary background.

Currently, College of Science has 112 teaching and research professors, including 4 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 7 recipients of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 12 recipients of National Special Experts, and 33 National Special Experts (Young Scholar).

In addition to professional guidance for students, College of Science arranges more than 100 professors to serve as life tutors in the residential college. It provides guidance to over 32% of the undergraduate students on campus to help students adapt to and plan their future studies.

With strong support of the College, students have achieved significant success, with undergraduate students publishing dozens of papers, including more than a dozen SCI-quality papers. Students have succeeded in domestic and international competitions, including 37 awards in 2018 American College Students Mathematical Modeling Competition, and 17 awards in 2018 National College Students Mathematical Modeling Competition.

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